Bengalee (barque)

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Bengalee was a three-masted merchant barque built in 1837 at Dumbarton, Scotland. She first appeared in Lloyd's Register in 1838 with Hamlin, master, Hamlin and Company, of Greenock, owners, and trade Clyde–Calcutta.[2] Captain Thomas Hamlin did not allow the consumption of alcohol on his ship, thus it was known as a |temperance ship.

malformed flag imageUnited Kingdom
Port of registry
  • Greenock:3 June 1837[1]
  • Whitehaven:1840[1]
BuilderArchibald P McFarlane Jnr & Co., Dumbarton[1]
FateWrecked 23 October 1851
General characteristics
Tons burthen
  • Old Act: 304[2] (bm)
  • New Act (post 1836): 354[2] (bm)



Hamburg to Port Adelaide, South Australia. Bengalee left Hamburg on 16 July 1838 and stopped at the Downs. She arrived at Kingscote, South Australia on 9 November and at Port Adelaide on 16 November. Although primarily carrying supplies, she also carried 27 passengers, among whom were a group of the first Prussian settlers to Australia. From Port Adelaide she sailed on 29 February 1839 to Batavia.

Passenger List

Names Age Occupation Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Both Johann Heinrich 42 Agr. Labourer Holstein, Prussia in the cabin
Joachime Georgine Jiliane Meta (Aldenhoven) 30 "
Johann Christian Heinrich 10 "
Anna Margaretha Petrine 8 "
Johanne Margaretha Emma 5 "
Carl Christian Wilhelm 3 died at sea
Fritz Christian Marno 1 in the cabin
Knispel Johann Gottfried 42 Farmer Brandenburg, Prussia
Anna Rosina (Pfeiffer) 41
Anna Dorothea 16
Johann Christian 14
Johann Gottfried 9
Johanne Luise 7
Johanne Eleonore 2
Warmbrunn Friedrich Traugott 35 Clothmaker Stadt Guben
Luise Auguste (Sagitz) 31
Traugott Hermann 6
Juliane Maria 4
Traugott Christian Emmanuel 2
Paul Johannes Daniel inf
Zilm Johann Christian 39 Farmer Goltzen, Prussia
Anna Dorothea (Mattiske) 28
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 10
Johann Friedrich 7
Single Men
Aldenhoven Franz Sophius Ferdinand 23 Winegrower Holstein in the cabin
Aldenhoven Hermann Marno Carsten 27 Farmer Holstein "
Engelhardt Johann Wilhelm Eduard 20 Shoemaker Germany
Engelhardt Friedrich n/a Farmer Germany
Knispel Johann 72 died at sea
Knispel Johann Christian 32 - Germany
Lankisch Friedrich n/a - in the cabin
Rau Christian 19 - Klemzig
Satterup Doctor n/a - in the cabin | died at sea
Thomas Ernst August 24 - Prussia
Weber Christian 51 - Goltzen
Zilm Gottlob 34 Goltzen


Bengalee was driven ashore on 23 October 1851 and broke her back at Saugor. Her crew abandoned her. She was on a voyage from Calcutta to Genoa, Kingdom of Sardinia.[3]


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