Heinrich Christian Uhlmann (1827-1885)

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Published Obituary

From The Observer, Saturday 30 May 1885:

Death of Mr. H. C. Uhlmann.

We regret to record the death of Mr. H. C. Uhlmann. of the well-known firm of Armbruster & Uhlmann, tobacconists, who died at his residence, at Norwood, on Sunday, May 24. The deceased, who was a colonist of about thirty years, was one of the founders of the German Club, and although he never occupied any public position, he always took a deep interest in all matters affecting the progress of the colony. He leaves a son and two daughters, one of whom is married to Mr. F. Bassé, the jeweller. He was buried in the West-terrace Cemetery on Tuesday, when most of the business houses in Rundle-street were partially closed out of respect to the deceased. The members of the Liedertafel were present at the grave, and sang a funeral hymn.[1]


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