Andreas Kappler (1802-1877)

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Andreas Kappler
Reverend Andreas Kappler SLSA B-34567.jpeg
Reverend Andreas Kappler
Andreas Kappler

15 Nov 1802
Weissenberg, Electorate of Saxony (Weißenberg/Wóspork, Kurfürstentum Sachsen)
Died3 Jun 1877
Mount Gambier, South Australia
  • 1802-1849 Saxon
  • 1849-1877 British Subject


Author: Created by Benjamin Hollister and made available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0.

Only one Wendish clergyman, Andreas Kappler (1802 – 1877), who was the pastor in Weißenberg from 1835 to the time of his emigration in 1848, emigrated to Australia. His willingness to take over a rectorate with his Wendish compatriots was not honoured due to theological differences with the same.   Decried as a liberal and a ‘unionist’ by orthodox Lutherans, Kappler lived as an outsider in Australia and served various congregations in the area around Adelaide until he took over the parish of the German congregation in Mount Gambier in 1860.

In Germany

In Australia

In 1862, a prominent doctor, Dr Wehl, persuaded a Pastor Kappler to come to the town from Adelaide. A block of land was offered to construct and church and residence. The church was named St Martins and despite some alterations over the years, the original building remains standing today on the corner of Edward and Bertha Streets.


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