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Ships carrying German migrants to South Australia arrived from both German and non-German ports from 1837 onwards. The main German ports were Bremen (initially) and Hamburg (later), but migrants also left from Dutch, French and German ports on the continent, and from English ports such as London, Portsmouth and Plymouth. While there a small number of Germans living in the City of Adelaide and close surrounds early in the colony's history, it was not until the mid 1840s and the increase in migration from the western and northern German nations that greater numbers arrived and settled in the city.

Initially ships were trade ships, privately commissioned for the voyage, or part of the trade system with the East Indies, but later shipping lines such as J. C. Godeffroy und Sohn soon began to specialise in migration to Australia and the Americas. A range of ship types were used, although the larger trade ships were more popular due to their capacity. The diagram to the right shows the sail plans of the various ship types. The faster ships were the small 2 masted brigs, but the barque was the most common type of ship seen for oceanic voyages due to capacity and robustness.

Sail plans (3 mast)
Full-rigged ship
Showing three-masted examples, progressing from square sails on each to all fore-and-aft sails on each.
Sail plans (2 mast)
Showing two-masted examples, progressing from square sails on each to all fore-and-aft sails on each.

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