Ernest Christian Knabe (1870 - 1936)

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Ernest Christian Knabe



Ernest was the eleventh of thirteen children of Adelaide mattress-maker August Christian Knabe and his wife Elizabeth Jane née Williams.


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Published Obituary

From the Australian Christian Commonwealth, Friday 19 June 1936:

“In Memoriam


Pirie Street Church has in recent years sustained heavy' losses in the deaths of some of its leading men, whose places will be difficult to fill. When Mr. E. C. Knabe was called home we lost one of the most faithful and devoted of our officers. He had spent the whole of his life in the service of the Church. He was born in Adelaide on 8th December, 1870, and was baptised in Pirie Street Church by the Rev. Samuel Knight. His father was one of the pioneer workers there, and was present when the Church was opened. When quite a youth he joined the Church, and all through his life he gave his strength to her service. He was associated with the Sunday school from infancy, and was secretary up to the time of its closing, some thirty years ago, owing to the families moving out into the suburbs. For many years he was a trustee, and also Trust steward. Perhaps the greatest joy in his church life was to act as chief usher in the western gallery. His kindly and courteous manner made him greatly beloved by all worshippers. He was particularly attentive to strangers, and made them feel at home by the warmth of his welcome. The only church that he worshipped in was Pirie Street, and he loved this church with a strong affection, and was devoted to its interests. A few years ago he suffered from heart trouble, but despite the doctor's advice he continued his service in the gallery. He was a man of generous spirit, and the beautiful hymnboards in the church Stand as a monument to his love for his Church. No one will ever know of the many kindly acts he performed, or of his generosity towards those who needed a helping hand. He rarely spoke of these things, for they were mostly done secretly, but there are many who will miss his help and his gracious sympathy. Last year, he and his devoted wife had a wonderful trip to the Home Land, and we all hoped that this would add years to his life. Almost the last thing he did was to lecture on the trip in conjunction with his wife at Pirie Street and Draper Churches. He was suddenly taken ill with pleurisy, followed by pneumonia, and the strain upon an enfeebled heart was too great, and he was called home on Wednesday, June 3.

The large gathering at the funeral service held in Pirie Street was a striking evidence of the affection and esteem in which he was held. The Rev. W. A. Dunn conducted the service, and an eloquent tribute was paid to his life and work by the Rev. J. G. Jenkin, who was his minister for twelve years. His business brought him into contact with many ministers, all of whom remember his gracious and friendly spirit. The sympathy of our Church is extended to Mrs. Knabe and the family in the loss of one who was a most devoted husband and father.[1]

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