Alfred (1844-1855)(ship)

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NamesakeThe continent of Australia
OwnerJ.C. Godeffroy & Sohn
OperatorJ.C. Godeffroy & Sohn
Laid down1841, Lulea, Sweden
RenamedInitially named Australia (1841); renamed Alfred (1844); renamed Rhea (1855)
General characteristics
Class and typebarque

Construction and service

The Alfred, a 3 masted ship of 562 ton (om), 604 ton (nm) was built at Lulea, Sweden in 1841 as the Australia. On 30 November 1844, the Australia was purchased from Liliewalch of Stockholm by the Hamburg firm of J C Godeffroy & Sohn, who renamed her the Alfred.

Under the command of H.E. Deckers, the Alfred departed Hamburg, 20 Aug 1848 with 275 passengers on board and arrived in South Australia on 8 Dec 1848.

A second voyage to Adelaide under H.E. Deckers left Hamburg on 27 Oct 1849 and arrived in South Australia on 31 Jan 1850.

The Alfred also undertook a voyage to Melbourne in 1853/1854 under the command of H. Bruhns.

The Alfred was re-rigged as a bark sometime between 1850 and 1853. She was sold to Norwegian interests in 1855, renamed Rhea, and placed under the command of Captain Eckersberg. No further information is known.[1]

End of service

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