Bernhardt Carl Friedrich Dornwell (1842 - 1885)

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Bernard Carl Dornwell (1842 - 1885) was a butcher, ship's captain and auctioneer in Adelaide and New Zealand.

Bernard Carl Dornwell
Bernhardt Carl Friedrich Dornwell

c. 1842
Altenau, Kingdom of Hanover
Died20 February 1885
North Adelaide, South Australia
  • Hanoverian
  • British Subject (NZ)
  • British Subject (SA)
  • Butcher
  • Grocer
  • Ship's Captain
  • Clerk
  • Auctioneer
Spouse(s)Sarah Ann Phillips (married 1864 North Adelaide)


Author: Benjamin Hollister. This text is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

In Germany

Bernard Carl was born to Heinrich August and Johanne Dornwell in Altenau an der Oker (Harz Mountains) in about 1842. August was a master butcher, and in 1849 the family migrated to Adelaide aboard the George Washington, arriving on the 2nd of March 1849 (listed in the news as Dohrenwend).[1]

In Australia

As a seven year old, Bernard Carl does not appear, although presumably he had some schooling, in the documentary evidence until early 1856 when it appears the family returns to Germany, possibly due to August's ill-health. August returns in early 1858, and Johanne and Bernard Carl return about a year later in January 1859. Over the next 2 years, Bernard Carl is noted for riding in a dangerous or illegal manner a number of times, before settling down to some extent as a gunner in the Adelaide Volunteer Artillery, and running a grocery business attached to his father's butcher's premises at the corner of Margaret and Tynte Streets, North Adelaide. Bernard's riding must have caused some angst as his younger brother, George, had died from a fall from a horse in Stanley Street in 1850.[2]


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