Charles Krummel (1828-1903)

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Charles Krummel



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From the Adelaide Observer, Saturday 21 December 1901:


Mount Gambier, September 5.

One of the oldest residents in Mount Gambier, and the oldest business man in the town, died at his residence, Compton-street, on Friday morning. Mr. Charles Krummel, the gentleman refered to, once was well-known throughout the South-East as a machinist and general blacksmith. Mr. Krummel arrived from Prussia in the early fifties, and after spending year in Adelaide he came to Mount Gambier and followed his trade with fair success. The town was then a mere collection of huts, and it was left for the early pioneers to improve on these primitive structures. The deceased remembered the main street of Mount Gambier being used as a racecourse. When the agricultural industry began to establish itself, Mr. Krummel was called upon to use his efforts to meet the requirements of "cockies" in the way of farm implements, and he designed and manufactured the first iron plough used in the South-East. After continuing business for about 35 years he retired. He was particularly respected for his generosity and liberal mindedness. With two other gentlemen he founded the present Lutheran Church. He was the last of the founders of the late German Club, and also the oldest member in the town of the Ancient Order of Foresters. About four years ago the deceased was seized with an attack of paralysis, and after having suffered seven subsequent attacks, the last of which occurred about three weeks ago, he became seriously ill, and passed away quietly. Mr. Krummel was a resident of Mount Gambier for 49 years, and was 75 years of age. He left a widow, nine children, and 20 grandchildren.”. [1]



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