Diederich Friederich Georg Carl Heinrich Mahnke (1822-1895)

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Diederich Mahnke (7 March 1822 - 4 March 1895) was a baker in both North and South Adelaide and a director of the Bank of Adelaide.

Diederich Friederich Georg Carl Heinrich Mahnke
Born7 March 1822
Rotenburg, Kingdom of Hanover
Died4 March 1895
North Adelaide, South Australia
  • Hanoverian (1822-1850)
  • British (1850-1895)
  • baker


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Published Obituary

From the Evening Journal, Tuesday 5 March 1895:


THE LATE Mr. D. Mahnke. -We regret to record the death of Mr. Diederich Friederich Georg Carl Heinrich Mahnke, which took place at his residence, Gover-street, North Adelaide, on Monday afternoon, three days from the seventy-third anniversary of his birthday. The late Mr. Mahnke, who was very highly esteemed for a most generous, kindly disposition, was born at Rothenburg in Hanover on March 7, 1822, and arrived in South Australia in the ship Victoria, Captain Meyer, in

1848. He carried on tbe business of a baker till 1869, when it was transferred to the late Mr. A. Gerber, Mr. Mahnke allowing his name to appear as one of the firm. He was twice married, and his widow is a daughter of the late Mr. H. G. Stakemann, formerly of Adelaide. The deceased gentleman was a well-known chessplayer, and a crack rifle shot during the fifties and sixties, holding the kingship for several years of the old Adelaide Rifle Club. He was one of the early Directors of the Bank of Adelaide, in which institution he has left a son. Very benevolent, and always prompt to assist struggling colonists, his estimable qualities generally endeared him to a large circle of friends, particularly among his fellow-countrymen. The funeral takes place to morrow afternoon.[1]

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