Georg Carl Wilhelm Kohler (1865-1942)

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George Köhler (23 August 1865 - 28 August 1942) was the successor of Otto Boettger as an optician and instrumentmaker on Flinders Street in Adelaide, South Australia. He and his descendants carried on the business using the Boettger name until 1974.

Georg Carl Wilhelm Kohler
Born23 August 1865
Adelaide, South Australia
Died28 August 1942
Glenelg, South Australia
  • British
Other names
  • George Charles William Kohler
  • Optical and scientific instrumentmaker
  • Optician
  • 1. Caroline Bridges (1866-1920) (married 1886 Adelaide, South Australia)


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George was the fifth and youngest child of Caarsten Heinrich and Maria (née Pinig) Köhler, and the only child born in Australia. The family had arrived from Itzehow, Duchy of Holstein, aboard the Helene in 1864.


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