George Flecker (1843 - 1909)

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George Flecker
Bornc. 1843
Died7 February 1909
Neutral Bay, New South Wales



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Published Obituary

From the Register, Monday 8 February 1909:

"Concerning People

The death is announced, at the age of 66 years, of Mr. George Flecker, who for a long period was one of the most prominent hotel keepers in Adelaide, a genial man, and one of many gifts. The deceased, who had been in ill-health for some time, had latterly resided at Neutral Bay, near Sydney. He was by profession an engineer, but when he came to Adelaide a little more than 20 years ago he took the licence of the Theatre Royal Hotel, and conducted the trade in connection with it for several years. From the first he made specialty of catering, and, in fact, is said to have revolutionized that business in the South Australian capital. He soon took over the lease of the old South Australian Club Hotel. He was not long in securing the freehold, and thereupon expended thousands of pounds on its improvement, renovation, and extension. He conducted it successfully for many years; then leased it to the late Mr. E. Alexander. Mr. Flecker went to reside at Henley Beach, and so sanguine was he of the prospects of that locality as a seaside sanitorium and public resort, that he invested largely in land in the neighbourhood. A few years ago Mr. Flecker took a trip around the world, and afterwards contributed a series of articles to The Register about his travels. These were, much appreciated by the public, from the fact that the writer indicated the possession of an observant faculty which led

him to get away from the beaten pathway of tourists and globetrotters and describe in fascinating language interesting incidents which the ordinary traveller hardly ever notices. The articles were republished in a book. The deceased has left a widow, four sons, and one daughter. Two of the sons are doctors, and the eldest (Oscar), who took a medical degree at the University of Adelaide, is now practising successfully in Western Australia. Of the other two, one is engaged with Messrs. G. & R. Wills and Co. and the other is a wool expert.. [1]

From the Advertiser, Tuesday 9 February 1909:

"Personal Mr. George Flecker, who was well known in Adelaide for many years as the lessee of the Theatre Royal and South Australian Club Hotels, died at Neutral Bay, Sydney, on Sunday at the age of 66 years. Mr. Flecker had not been in business for a number of years, having leased the South Australian Hotel after it was rebuilt and the "Club" had been dropped, to the late Mr. E. Alexander, whose trustees still occupy the premises. Mr. Flecker resided for a number of years after his retirement at Henley Beach, where he owned a considerable number of houses on the Esplanade. The original building of the South Australian Club was the business house of the old Bank of South Australia, and when Mr. Flecker took possession of the premises he converted the banking chamber into a saloon. The place soon became one of the most popular hotels in Adelaide on account of the excellent manner in which it was managed and the pure quality of the liquor dispensed there, and before many years had passed Mr. Flecker, who had acquired the freehold of the property, spent thousands of pounds on the erection of the additions, which have resulted in the South Australian being regarded as the leading hotel now in South Australia. The deceased gentleman had been in poor health for a number of years. He has left a widow, four sons, and one daughter.. [2]

From the Australische Zeitung, Wednesday 10 February 1909:

"Regenfall im Januar

Zu Neutral Bay bei Sydney starb am Sonntag im Alter von 66 Jahren Herr Georg Flecker, der vor ungefähr 20 Jahren in Adelaide anlangte und während einer Reihe von Jahren einer der hervorragendsten Hotelbesitzer der Hauptstadt war. Vor mehreren Jahren machte Herr Flecker eine Reise um die Welt".

[Translation by Benjamin Hollister : Rainfall in January - At Neutral Bay near Sydney on Sunday, at the age of 66 years, died Mr Georg Flecker, who arrived in Adelaide about 20 years ago was one of the capital's most distinguished hotel owners for a number of years. Several years ago, Mr. Flecker made a trip around the world.] [3]

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