Johann Friedrich Martin Armbruster (1826-1897)

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Johann Friedrich Martin Armbruster



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From the Express and Telegraph, Thursday 11 February 1897:


Great regret will be felt at the death, announced this morning, of Mr. F. Armbruster, one of the best known and most highly esteemed of the German citizens of Adelaide. His illness was a brief one, but on Wednesday afternoon his life was despaired of. On Saturday last he was suddenly attacked by inflammation of the lungs, and called in the services of Dr. Von Lükowitz; The disease, however, had gained too strong a, hold on him, and he died between 11 o'clock and 11.30 on Wednesday night.

The late Mr. Armbruster was born in June, 1826, in Hamburg, Germany, and afterwards carried on business there for some years as a cigar-maker. In 1851 be came to South Australia, but there was little scope then for him in his special line, and like many early colonists he sought other employment. When the goldfields of Victoria attracted attention he caught the "fever" prevalent, and went over land to the diggings in 1853. He was not there long, and was not numbered among the fortunate ones. He returned to Adelaide, and in 1855 took over the tobacconist business established by the late Mr. A. H. F. Bartels, an ex-mayor of Adelaide. In 1857 he was joined by the late Mr. H. C. Uhlmann, and about 15 years later he started cigar manufacturing, which he had conducted ever since.

The deceased took no active part in public affairs, although on several occasions he was approached by his friends with requests to offer. himself for election to Parliament or to the City Council, but he invariably declined, preferring to attend to business. He was in the commission of, the peace. Mr. Armbrüster was one of the earliest and most prominent members of Der Deutsche Club, of which he was made an honorary life member in recognition of his services. He was one of the founders of the Adelaide Liedertafel, which was established in 1858, and mainly to his love of music and his enthusiasm for male singing this society owes its long and uninterrupted existence. It might be added that no other member has occupied the presidential chair so often as the deceased, and up till the time of his death he held the position of trustee of the society. He always took an active part in musical matters, especially in the earlier days of the colony. He knew what suited the tastes of the people, theatrically and otherwise, and his advice on such matters was always valued. After returning from a trip to Europe in 1867 he was instrumental in introducing the smoke socials which are now held in connection with the society- Mr. Armbrüster was exceedingly popular among a large circle of friends, by whom his death will be severely felt. He was twice married, and leaves a widow, three-sons, and two daughters—Mrs. Harry Reed and Mrs. Douglas Tolley.”


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