Johann Hermann Friedrich Spanhake (1811- )

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Johann Hermann Friedrich Spanhake
Bornc. 1811
  • baker
  • police officer
  • 1. Sophia Dorothea Subritzky (1818-1849)


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Friedrich Spanhake's decision to migrate to the colony of South Australia, although briefly, was due to his links with the Subritzky/Körber family. Friedrich's wife was Sophie Margarethe Dorothea "Doris" Subritzky and the couple travelled with her mother, stepfather, brother's uncles and cousins across a number of Australian colonies. Doris and Friedrich had met in Hanover while Friedrich was serving in the Hanoverian army and married

Diedrich Spanhake arrived in South Australia aboard the Palmyra from New Zealand in 1845. He and his wife Sophie Dorothea 'Doris' Subritzky had married in was in the South Australian colony by 1846 as he was gazetted as a constable in the Metropolitan Force on September 30 of that year, but his arrival is a mystery. Presumably he arrived with his first wife Sophia Dorothea Subritzky with whom he had a son on 16 September 1846. Friedrich resigned the police force in January 1849 and became a baker in Stanley Street, North Adelaide. Sophie died in September 1849 and he quickly remarried in January 1850 to Johanne Marie Schneider.

By October 1854, Friedrich was insolvent and his estate was sold in 1855 to recover monies owing, although this process was not complete until 1860. It seems that he thnen made his way to the Victorian Goldfields, where a Johann Hermann Friedrich Spanhake is recorded as first marrying an Eliza Scott (née Belf) in 1874. After her death in 1876 at age 41, he marries a Bridget Burke/Bourke in 1877. They had at least two children, both who died in infancy at Ballarat, followed by Bridget in 1884 at age 37, and once again Friedrich disappears from the record


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