Magdelene Elisabethe Menz (1820-1895)

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Magdelene Elisabethe Menz
Magdelene Elisabethe Menz

c. 1820
Died12 October 1895
Adelaide, South Australia
Spouse(s)Johann Menz



Magdelene and Johann had the following children:

Name Birth Death Spouse
William 10-Nov-1849
Clara 27-Jun-1852
Menna 29-Oct-1853
Henry 29-Oct-1853
August Hermann 23-Mar-1855
Emma 02-Feb-1857
Lina 25-Jan-1860

Residences in the City

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Work in the City

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Published Obituary

From the Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Monday 14 October 1895:


Early on Saturday morning Mrs. Magdalena E. Menz, of Wakefield-street, died at the age of 76. The deceased lady came to the colony in 1849 from Germany, and shortly after her arrival was married to the late Mr. Johann Menz. In 1850 she started a small grocery business in Wakefield-street. In 1860 Mrs. Menz was left a widow with a young family. Subsequently the business which she had inaugurated was taken over by her sons, who are still conducting it. Mrs. Menz, who was very well known to German citizens, had been ill for about four months. She had resided in Wakefield-street for 46 years, and her death will be very much regretted by a large number of people. Her two sons, Messrs. William and August Menz, and her daughter, Mrs. O. Basedow, survive her, as well as five grandchildren.

The funeral took place at the West-terrace Cemetery on Sunday afternoon. The burial service was conducted in German by the Rev. Kasper Dorsh. Among those present around the grave were — Messrs. W. Menz and August Menz (sons), Rudolph Menz, and Adolph Menz, the Hon. F. Basedow, M.L.C., Messrs. O. Basedow P. Gay, Julius Dursthoff, J. Kindermann, A. Swain, E. Pustkuchen, J. Sobels, C. von Bertouch, G. Patfull, G. Reinecke, E. Siekmann, H. Schröder, Jacobsen, A. Keidel H. Just, J. Conigrave, J. Eitzen, A. Werner, W. Weber, W. Knick, O. Boettger, C. Wittig, L. F. Wicklein, A. Leschen, J. M. Wendt, A. Ornstein, W. Kindermann, and Klein, and Dr. von Lukowitz. Mr. E. Hennigs acted as undertaker. ” [1]

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  1. "DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST". The Advertiser. Adelaide, South Australia. 14 Oct 1895.

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