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The Solway was the first ship carrying a significant number of German speakers to South Australia.

NamesakeSolway Firth in Scotland
OwnerGraham & Co.
OperatorGraham & Co.
BuilderJohn Storey
Laid down1829 Monkwearmouth Shore, Sunderland, England
Out of service21 December 1837
FateWrecked, Encounter Bay, South Australia
General characteristics
Class and typeship

Construction and service

The Solway was constructed in the shipyards of John Storey, located at Sand Point, North Sands, Monkwearmouth Shore. Storey had arrived in Monkwearmouth early in his life and quickly progressed from making rope and sails to ship-building and owning ships plying the timber trade from Canada. His success was enough that he was able to by the local manor house and estate, although after retiring his holdings were affected by various economic pressures and he returned to his house in Church Street in the town.[1]

End of service

On the 21st of December 1837, she broke moorings and was wrecked during a storm in Rosetta Harbour, Encounter Bay.



The Solway made one migration voyage to South Australia, leaving Hamburg on 9th July 1837 and arriving at Port Adelaide, having stopped at Kangaroo Island first. The majority of the German migrants were indentured to the South Australia Company and disembarked on Kangaroo Island to work for the Company.

Passenger List
Names Age Occupation Birthplace
Last Given
Bremer Lanritz 29 Baker -
wife n/a
child n/a
child n/a
Christian Johann Gottlieb 29 Farmer Prussia
Karoline 21
Johann Gottlieb inf
Debus Johann Christian Philip 34 Carpenter -
wife n/a
child n/a
child n/a
Fortsch Conrad 31 Agriculturalist Bavaria
Mary (Hegerson) n/a
child n/a
child n/a
Grunhagen unknown n/a former Police Officer (village Mayor?) Polchow
Auguste (Triglaff) n/a
son 8
son 6
son 5
Kleeman Friedrich Wilhelm 39 Farmer Raddack, Prussia
Maria (Helm) n/a
August Wilhelm 9
Heinrich Ferdinand 7
Wilhelmine Friedericke 5
Emilie Albertina Ernestine 3
Milde Wilhelm 38 Baker Hamburg
Catherina Elisabeth (Steffens) 30
Elise Charlotte Wilhelmine inf
Neander Wilhelm Gottlieb 31 Carpenter -
Mary n/a
Louis 10
Mark 3
Amelia n/a
Pipkorn David 31 Agr. Labourer Raddack
Dorothea (Westphal) 22
Wallschlager Christian Friedrich 26 Agriculturalist Schnatow
Maria (Fährmann) 34
Gottlieb 7
Hannah Susannah 5
Manasseh 3
Single men
Bagans Johann Frederick n/a Agriculturalist -
Bauer Carl Leonard Friedrich 29 Baker Baden, Prussia
Beyerkoehler Johann Georg n/a Shoemaker -
Dies / Diese Leonard 27 Labourer -
Drebing / Diebing August Heinrich 36 Labourer -
Drese / Dress Louis n/a Labourer -
Fleim / Flem Georg 29 Agriculturalist -
Gramp Johann 18 Baker / Vigneron Bavaria
Hanson Louis 24 - Heligoland
Hauser Wilhelm Jacob 23 Agriculturalist -
Hutsch K. n/a Labourer -
Kramer Ludwig 33 Agriculturalist -
Lage Frederick (David) n/a Baker -
Oelrich Friedrich Hermann Otto n/a Agriculturalist -
Oppel Johann Nicol 34 Labourer -
Pfeuffer / Pfeiffer Georg Gottlieb n/a Agriculturalist -
Prophet Ulric 22 - -
Schmidt Sebastian Anthony 24 Agriculturalist -
Sturn Frederick Christian 24 - -
Theilmann Adolph Ludwig 24 - -
Zilm Andreas 50 - -
Zilm Conrad 18 - -
Single women
Christian Wilhelmine Friderike 23 Schnatow
Scheaffer n/a Kammin
child n/a

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