Anna Louise Bohlmann (1811-1854)

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Anna Louise Bohlmann (b.1811 Bremen - d. 1854 North Adelaide, South Australia) was wife of Johann Bohlmann, a master tin metal worker. Anna arrived in South Australia, with her husband and daughter, aboard the "Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel" in 1846 and lived in South and North Adelaide until her death.

Anna Louise Bohlmann
Anna Louise Hartmann

17 Dec 1811
Died2 Jun 1854
North Adelaide, South Australia
Resting placeWest Terrace Cemetery
  • Bremer(1811-1846)
  • British(1846-1854)


Anna Louise Hartmann was the daughter of Jacob Conrad Hartmann, a chattels dealer "Mobilienhändler"[1] in Bremen, and Anna Lemkuhl. Marrying Johann Bohlmann in Bremen in 1841, Anna gave birth to two children, the eldest, Franz Carl, dying as an infant, before the family migrated to South Australia in 1846. The family travelled on the "Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel", arriving in October 1846 and settling in the City of Adelaide. In February 1847 Anna's second child, Anna Louisa also died. In 1848 and 1850, the couple welcomed two more children, in their new home in North Adelaide but in 1854 Anna Louise died of consumption, leaving Johann with 2 small children.


Anna married Johann Bohlmann in Bremen in 1841, prior to leaving for South Australia. The couple had the following children:

  • Franz Carl - 11 Jul 1842 Bremen - 1843 Bremen
  • Anna Louisa - 25 Jul 1844 Bremen - 22 Feb 1847 Adelaide
  • Johann - 13 Feb 1848 Adelaide - 2 Nov 1869 North Adelaide
  • Jacob Conrad - 11 Mar 1850 North Adelaide - 16 Jul 1880 Adelaide

Residences in the City

Evidence of residence is limited before 1848. The death of Anna's daughter in February 1847 has them living in Gilbert Street, South Adelaide, and the Kermode Street, North Adelaide, property where Anna lived until her death in 1854, was purchased on the 20th of October 1848, though it appears that they had been making payments on it before May 1848. The lack of Citizen Rolls before 1852 and complete Assessment Books before 1850 mean that there can be no detailed list of residences. The likely residences are:

Dates Place Current Address Co-ordinates
October 1846 - March 1847 Gilbert Street, South Adelaide (exact location unknown)
April 1847 - March 1848 Solomon Buildings, Currie Street (Acre 114 near Rosina Street) -34.924456, 138.595763
March 1848 - 1852 Union Street, North Adelaide (Acre 710, near the corner of Kermode Street)
1852 - 1854 Kermode Street, North Adelaide (Acre 724) 152-154 Kermode Street -34.91114, 138.595408

Work in the City

As with many married women in the 19th century, Anna did not undertake formal employment or follow a profession. Her husband Johann's employment brought enough income to the household that Anna was not moved to work for economic reasons, and she also was responsible for 3 young children.


  1. The only Jacob Conrad Hartmann listed in the Bremer Adressbücher in the 1840s and 1850s is listed as a Trödler, Schumacher, und Nachtwachter (Junk dealer, shoemaker and night watchman).

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