Jacob Conrad Bohlmann (1850-1880)

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Jacob Conrad Bohlmann was the fourth and youngest child of Johann Bohlmann and Anna Louise Hartmann, and the second born in Australia.

Jacob Conrad Bohlmann
Jakob Conrad Bohlmann

11 Mar 1850
North Adelaide, South Australia
Died16 Jul 1880
Adelaide, South Australia
Resting placeNorth Road Cemetery, Nailsworth
  • British Subject


Jacob Conrad, known as Conrad in the German tradition, was born 11 March 1850 in North Adelaide at the Bohlmann's Union Street residence. He was baptised Jakob Conrad by Pastor Andreas Kappler at North Adelaide, probably in the Bohlmann's house.

Little is known about Conrad. It is likely he attended the Christ Church School in North Adelaide. By the age of 25, he was working as a carter for Richard Honey, a timber merchant at Port Adelaide, although whether this was on a contract basis or regular employment is unknown. In 1875, he was required to give evidence against his foreman, James Ramsey, who was accused of stealing old planks from the Semaphore Jetty while Honey's timeberyard was contracted to remove and replace worn boards.

On the 15th of June 1880, Conrad was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital with severe abdominal pain, and died the next day on the 16th, with a cause of death stated as peritonitis. At the time of his admission he was living in Finniss Street, North Adelaide and working as a labourer.


Conrad had siblings and half-siblings from both of his father Johann Bohlmann's marriages, however the first two children, Franz Carl and Anna Louisa, born died before he was born, and he outlived his elder brother Johann and his sister Gesina, the next child after him.

Siblings (Anna Louise Hartmann - mother)

  • Franz Carl - 11 Jul 1842 Bremen - 1843 Bremen
  • Anna Louisa - 25 Jul 1844 Bremen - 22 Feb 1847 Adelaide
  • Johann - 13 Feb 1848 Adelaide - 2 Nov 1869 North Adelaide

Half-siblings (Catharina Seecamp - mother)

  • Gesina - 27 Nov 1855 North Adelaide - 1 Sep 1858 North Adelaide
  • Julius - 22 Jul 1857 North Adelaide - 29 Oct 1933
  • Anna Catharina - 9 Jul 1859 North Adelaide - 15 Jul 1939 Adelaide
  • Adelheit - 1 Oct 1861 North Adelaide - 20 Dec 1952
  • Gesiene - 12 Aug 1865 North Adelaide - 15 Sep 1939
  • Henry - 30 Nov 1867 North Adelaide - 26 Jul 1949
  • George Albert - 27 Apr 1870 North Adelaide - 24 Dec 1938 Adelaide

Residences in the City

Dates Place Current Address Co-ordinates
March 1848 - 1852 Union Street, North Adelaide (Acre 710, near the corner of Kermode Street)
1852 - ? Kermode Street, North Adelaide (Acre 724) 152-154 Kermode Street -34.91114, 138.595408
? - Jul 1880 Finniss Street, North Adelaide Exact location unknown

Work in the City

Dates Place Current Address Co-ordinates


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