Franciska Balbina Kuhnel (1814-1898)

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Franciska Balbina Kuhnel
Died2 September 1898
Norwood, South Australia, Australia


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Gottfried and Balbina had the following children:

Name Birth Death Spouse
Louise c. 1846 21 December 1848 Adelaide unmarried
Otilie Lydia 27 November 1850 Adelaide 3 January 1926 Norwood, South Australia Alfred Smart (1875)
Mathilde Emilie 24 March 1854 Adelaide 1 August 1900 Norwood, South Australia Samuel Arthur Burford (1872)
Gustav Adolph 22 April 1856 Lobethal, South Australia
Harry Eras 5 May 1859 Adelaide 7 November 1905 Kent Town, South Australia Eva Lilian Mcintyre (1899)
William 3 September 1862 Adelaide 18 April 1916 Adelaide Edith Clara Gray (1892)

Residences in the City

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Work in the City

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Published Obituary

From the South Australian Register, Monday 5 September 1898:

DEATH OF MRS. G. KUHNEL. On Friday morning Mrs. G. Kuhnel died at her residence. Kent-terrace, Norwood, at the age of eighty-two years. She arrived in South Australia with her husband, Mr. G. Kulinel, in the ship Paulina in 1847, which took 115 days to come out from Germany. The deceased had been a great sufferer for many years, and her death was not altogether unexpected. The deceased was greatly esteemed by a large circle of friends. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was attended by many old colonists. The chief mourners were:— Mr. C. Kuhnel (husband), Messrs. William and H. E. Kuhnel (sons), Mrs. W. Kuhnel (daughter-in-law), Mrs. A. Smart and Mrs. S. A. Burford (daughters), Mr. Alfred *Smart (son-in-law), Mr. G. Hittmann, of Mount Pleasant (brother-in-law), Mrs. C. J. Hittmann, of Mount Pleasant (sister of deceased), Master Rupert H. A., Horace V., and Percy R. Smart (grandsons), Miss Gertrude E. Smart (granddaughter), Misses F. and A. Buford (granddaughters), Master A. Burford (grandson), Mrs. Hatt (niece). Amongst those gathered around the grave were Messrs. F. J. Gray. H. G. Gray, P. C. (iray, A. L. Conr.ul. O. H. \oinahcr, Kev. A*. C. Rankine. \V. Cox, W. J. Cox, ?John Anderson, (J. Fap:in, G. Keye.*, u. Alleniiighauseu. Mrs. Cat*. Mrs. Niwdl, Mr. and Mrs. H. Weir. Mrs. Dalwrnvl, Misses Mav. B. and E. Palwood. Mr. II. H. Parr. Mr. T. W. F. Str.itu-n, Bruggemaim. Mr. Hittniann. iun.. Mr. and Mrs. llartraan, Mrs. Rom. -lrs. Reimer. Mr. H. Uixon. Wresiths were sont by the follow ing:-Mr. C. L. M.»yer. Mrs. \V. H. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Weir, Mr. and Mrs. M. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. G. Fagan. Mr. and Mrs. G. Keyes, Mr. 11. Dixon. Mrs. and Misses Dalwood, Mrs. .1. Halt, Mrs. Schneiderf Mrs. R-»imer. Mr. and Mrs. Alleninghansen. The Rev. Dr. Eitel ofliciated at th-« frrave. The funeral arraneements were carried out by Messrs. Pengelley and Knabe.[1]


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