Gottfried Kuhnel (1814-1902)

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Gottfried Kuhnel (c.1814-

Gottfried Kuhnel
Bornc. 1814
Silesia, Prussia (Schlesien, Preußen)
Died11 July 1902
Adelaide, South Australia



Gottfried and Balbina had the following children:

Name Birth Death Spouse
Louise c. 1846
Otilie Lydia 27 November 1850 Adelaide Alfred Smart (1875)
Mathilde Emilie 24 March 1854 Adelaide Samuel Arthur Burford (1872)
Gustav Adolph 22 April 1856 Adelaide
Harry Eras 5 May 1859 Adelaide 7 November 1905 Kent Town, South Australia Eva Lilian Mcintyre (1899)
William 3 September 1862 Adelaide 18 April 1916 Adelaide Edith Clara Gray (1892)

Residences in the City

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Work in the City

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Published Obituary

From the Chronicle, Saturday 19 July 1902:


Mr. G. Kuhnel, a well-known old colonist, died at North Adelaide last week, at the age of 88 years. He was born at Schleisse, Prussia, and came to this State in the ship Paulina. He landed on September 2, 1847. He entered business in Hindley-street as a cabinetmaker, and afterwards built the Phoenix Hotel in that thoroughfare. At one time Mr. Kuhnel owned a half-share in the premises known as White's Rooms, where the Tivoli Theatre now stands. In 1873 be opened business in Rundle-street as a piano importer, but seven years later removed to Pirie street, where he remained for 21 years. Mr. Kuhnel was very successful in the piano trade, and retired from business ten years ago, when he divided his property among his children, Mr. W. Kuhnel taking over the business, which he is still carrying on. Mr. Kuhnel has left one daughter, Mrs. Alfred Smart, and three sons. Dr. G. A. Kuhnel, who is at present in America, Mr. H. E. Kuhnel, and Mr. W. Kuhnel.[1]


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